Lesson overview

In this lesson we will continue to develop our data analysis skills using Pandas and also learn a bit about debugging our scripts and interpreting errors. In Lesson 5 we were introduced to basic data analysis using Pandas, and this week we will learn a few more ways in which we can do things like replace values, using functions in Pandas, and aggregating data. In the second half of the lesson we will focus on debugging. Many new programmers struggle with removing problems in their code (debugging) because they start randomly making changes without a clear picture of what is wrong or even what the code should do! By learning a few basic ideas about debugging and interpreting error messages, we hope to save you time and frustration as your scripts become more complex.

  1. Processing data with Pandas, part II
  2. Interpreting error messages
  3. Debugging your scripts
  4. Exercise 6
  5. Hints for Exercise 6

Learning goals

After this weeks lesson your should be able to:

  • Analyze data in Python using different functions of Pandas
  • Understand common Python errors
  • Follow a simple set of guidelines to debug programs efficiently