Welcome to Geo-Python course!

Geo-Python -course is targeted for everyone who wants to learn programming using Python programming language. This course introduces the students to the Python programming language and develops basic programming skills with step by step tutorials and exercises.

The course is targeted for the students at the Department of Geosciences and Geography, University of Helsinki, who are enrolled to Automating GIS processes and Introduction to Quantitative Geology courses.

Course format

The majority of this course will be spent in front of a computer learning to program in the Python language and working on exercises. During Teaching Period I, the Automating GIS processes and Introduction to Quantitative Geology courses will meet together and focus on learning to program in Python. Previously, both these courses lacked sufficient time for students to properly learn the basic concepts of programming in Python. We hope this extended time learning Python will be helpful later in the course (i.e., in Period II) when we work on the course-related applications.

The computer exercises will focus on developing basic programming skills using the Python language and applying those skills to various problems. Typical exercises will involve a brief introduction followed by topical computer-based tasks. At the end of the exercises, you may be asked to submit answers to relevant questions, some related plots, and/or Python codes you have written or used. You are encouraged to discuss and work together with other students on the laboratory exercises, however the laboratory summary write-ups that you submit must be completed individually and must clearly reflect your own work.